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We operate all day all night. Total Fiesta guaranteed for all the lucky ladies. Our hunky Topless Waiters will arrive to your Hen Party as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that we are not magicians….well on the dancefloor we are, but really we need some clues.

Make sure you provide us with the exact details of your Party. So, in order to get a quote for you and check the availability we need

Type of event; Hen Party, Birthday Party, Divorce Party, themed event etc.

Location. All our prices are inclusive of travelling costs. But cars don’t run on thin air. Not yet anyway.

Number of ladies in your party. We need to send the right guy with the right size ….of equipment. Sound systems for 5 people are different from those for 100

Date and Time. We plan ahead so we will give you the free slots for each day.

Phone number and preferably Whatsapp or Viber. This way we send you the photos of the Topless Waiters.

So go ahead and fill the form below. 15 seconds 😉


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– 087 777 5705 – [email protected]

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We’re providing top services when it comes to male strippers and topless waiters in Ireland, with 14 years of experience in business.